gonna be getting increasingly abstract with the inktober prompts to put them all in the same setting

"mindless" is tricky when so many things are computerized

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dang there's not even (visible) furries in this one

Independent Navy Q-ships surprising some raiders.

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i skipped 4 the comic totally counted as that

meanwhile, in the Lalande Awakening Center...

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Even here, even now, the artisan's ways are not lost. Creation still holds power.

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It's survivably warm right outside the Sivka domes! Good place to build a snow-castle around your friend.

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foresight network transmission - "titan's teeth" and "dragon" mobilization in caroli sector - suspend all operations

The ancient cities of Earth- a strange sight, ruins peacefully departed, valuables and volatiles removed. Old mountains of artificial stone.

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@VoxSomniator at a glance i thought the headpiece was like full of dust or a rat nest, and the entity on the left was admonishing the entity on the right for not cleaning the inside of their panelling more often

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