using actual PID controllers to make virtual boats go straight

@VoxSomniator pid controllers are Easy and Simple, no reason to do anything other than them when you don't need Ultimate Performance

@VoxSomniator well, actually the D term can sometimes destabilize stuff so sometimes you want to just use a PI controller

@Felthry (I think two of the three controls are actually just proportional lol)

@Felthry The interface for them is a bit minimal, and I don't know the underlying math.

@VoxSomniator oh, i assumed you were coding this from scratch

@VoxSomniator then again i guess you wouldn't be doing s-domain stuff in that case......

@Felthry Oh no I have no clue, there's a PID Controller block in this game

There are also programmable computer blocks and circuit-wiring "breadboard" things! I haven't played with those yet though.

@Felthry It's called From the Depths, it's mainly a strategy game where you build your own units.

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