helpful inflatable robot doctor, deflates into the first aid kit for easy storage


oops i forgot the rubber shiny spots very important

@VoxSomniator i feel like i've seen you make silly stuff, fluffy stuff, spacey stuff, big squishy living spaceship stuff, unsettling stuff, and now your couple latest drawings are making me curious what would happen if you dove into some project that was explicitly horror-focused in design

i'm also still curious what your plans are [and were?] for your game projects

hi vox!! thanks for putting up with my rambling

@kitsch Hi! the robot tentacles aren't meant to be horror-ey, they're just the only way I could think of for inflatable machine arms to work.

I am trying to do a big weird body horror transformy painting though, it's very weird and squishy. I'll go find it.

And the game ideas are probably not going anywhere I'm pretty bad at programming

Gross body horror art wip 

Gross body horror art wip 

Gross body horror art wip 

@VoxSomniator ye i'm not always sure when your drawings are meant to have a spooky aspect to them or if you're just having fun and i try not to assume, but ye :ziggy: you are a very talented robot rat dragon otter ferret!

@kitsch A lot of it is meant to be kind of spooky sometimes. And heck, thanks.

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