A dragon who's hoard is bread :thinkhappy: 

Because of the problem of entropy, this requires a constant stock of fresh bread, and a supply chain to keep the bread moving so it doesn't pile up and spoil.

So in other words, a dragon who bakes bread for their hoard and feeds a whole town as a byproduct :blob_aww:


A dragon who's hoard is bread :thinkhappy: 

@mawr "so your hoard is a bakery?"

[dragon glare] "no, it's the bread"

A dragon who's hoard is bread :thinkhappy: 

"Look. Bagels, Croissants, Challah, Baggettes, Ciabatta, Dinner rolls, Naan, tortillas and injera, and that's just what I made in the last few hours! Magic made and dragon fired, no less."

[The dragon smirks a satisfied smug.]

"It's clearly the bread. My staff is over there packaging the last batch, if you're hungry. I only like to keep them when they're fresh out of the oven, you see."

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