(art wip)
dramatically flings skin off like anime fighters throw their coats off

Learned to operate air-to-air radar in DCS, thinking about synth senses now

theres no image preview functionality for the website yet so heres the coolest shit ive drawn recently

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"Unassuming constructs. Built like toys. They've seen more than you or I will ever know."

making the bold gameplay decision that it's possible to independently armor your organs

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voksa facts 2: occasionally tries and fails to sleep in a bed

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voksa facts: sleeps curled up into impossible shapes like a ferret

Dwarf Fortress 

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two versions of my sona interact, causality is destroyed

slight Outer Wilds spoilers, no major plot stuff 

[not really getting this whole "house" thing] this sure is a convenient thing to put all my furniture in the shade of

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