using actual PID controllers to make virtual boats go straight

From the Depths has some weird ideas about aerodynamics.

science has finally answered, what happens if you combine a ferret and beanbag chair

ship mechanic, big hips important for supporting toolbelt

vaguely morbid and weird 

I love this hammer, it just constantly vibrates with barely-contained energy

questionably nsfw, nude drawing 

Finished-ish version until I have better ideas for composition. Definitely have to do something cooler with the text, but the horned moon icon thing will probably remain a black silhouette. Lot of empty space to do something with too...

I meant to post this at like 4 AM, so it would be all mysterious, but I forgot so

doing 3D Art Experiments!

heres a version with better coloring and shadow-ness, and also I put my name on it, which seems like a professional artist thing I should start doing

Got a replacement phone, making myself a wallpaper.

Halloween is still celebrated throughout the terragen cities, though you might not recognize it- Masks, costumes, a time to experiment with identities.

Also to eat pounds of candy.

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