those Healing Crystal places are the best sites ive found to buy non-precious gemstones, there's not really a market for them anywhere else, aside from very large geology teacher kits

It's a bit rough around the edges being recorded on an ancient cassette tape, but this song means a lot to me.

@cozykaffe It was a slow progression, at first they didn't come back- flattened pieces of wood could be thrown more accurately, and with a ground cushion effect, hover just over the ground for hitting small targets. Then people started getting creative with it and thousands of years later they invented crazy wooden wings.

@cozykaffe the little brown bat, it has an adorable name and one landed on my face once

@bossposs It does, I don't know if they're good or bad compared to other sculpting, but it works with tablet pressure and stuff

@cozykaffe outer shell feels like, squishy silicone rubber

@cozykaffe extremely pettable, almost entirely made of soft parts

I forgot that I already posted the other ninetales drawings and said something about pokemon season lol

(this isnt a spoiler of one of the new pokemon by the way)

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