@Felthry wow yeah platinum is like half the cost of gold

@Felthry A lot of Magic cards specify "his or her" when talking about players, so I guess nonbinary people are immune to most spells.

@Azure if you ctrl+f this page for "ravioli", there's an article about the effects of projectiles at different speeds. For some reason using a can of ravioli as the example.

"At around .998 c, the impacting ravioli begins to behave less like ravioli and more like an extremely intense radiation beam."

One of my favorite games recently launched on steam, it's cool to see so many new people in a game I've played since before I was in middle school. store.steampowered.com/app/304

@Oneironott Mulholland is my favorite

"water critter" is obvious but it was actually the sentiment of "do you ever think about what we do in a day" that reminded me of you

(art wip)
dramatically flings skin off like anime fighters throw their coats off

Learned to operate air-to-air radar in DCS, thinking about synth senses now

theres no image preview functionality for the website yet so heres the coolest shit ive drawn recently

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"Unassuming constructs. Built like toys. They've seen more than you or I will ever know."

@starseeker The main theme of the game is body modification so its going to get weird regardless

making the bold gameplay decision that it's possible to independently armor your organs

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