I love how she grows to be much more than just the "spacy domestic AI" stereotype, and it's cool to see a feminine autistic-y character who gets to be funny but not innately a punchline

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Watching season 2 of The Good Place and realizing that Janet is a quality aesthetic goal

Especially the whole "AI construct/not actually a woman but very cute" thing

tfw you take style cues from transmasc friends, trying to split the difference between Butch and Cute Guy (But Not A Guy)

The other pole is Ojiro Cardigan Sniper

Cute, charismatic pentathlete who can inhabit any role for an adoring fan, and instigates WW4 for the Vine

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Increasingly realizing that my ideal gender presentation is basically Breq Mianaai

Snappy long coat, nice gloves, Positive Hardass, female-by-default, trying to be the most ethical person I can be in a shitty world

I like the idea of gender as a very deliberate, contextual role

Like, someone who's usually thoroughly agender, but they like filling the role of "big ostentatious positive father" or "hardass priestess", and use he/him or she/her in those times, but would disagree with being called "A Man" or "A Woman"

Sometimes I forget that there are genders other than "girl" and "anxious nerdy boy who's about to realize something very important"

Dustin' this off, feeling more like a girl than usual

Unsure how much of that is tied up in Weird Arousal Stuff or how much that distinction even matters

Goddang, having a nice headband is a great way to feel Regally Nonbinary

tfw the appeal of getting to say "I decree Damnatio Memoriae on my former self" is a big draw to being trans

I just realized that this name can be condensed to "Zip Cryp" and I think that's beautiful

Gender introspection and such 

Being NB feels straightforward enough: No Rules Just Right, it's the Wild West, I can act and present however I want and nobody can give me shit for it, I'm expanding the bounds of what NB can be, all that great stuff

Being a girl, even intermittently, feels like it comes with so many more prerequisites, and however much I chant "gender roles are contemptible and fake" it's hard to truly process that

Gender introspection, lewd 

And it's already satisfyingly lithe-but-muscular, such that I can pull my hair back and cut a nice "butch Olympian" figure with my shirt off

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Gender introspection, lewd 

I'm not sure I would take HRT even if it was readily available: I quite like my body, I just don't like the conclusions other people draw about my gender based on it

Breasts could be fun, but I could take or leave them; I also really like being a girl with a big ol' cock, and I don't want to jeopardize that

Although maybe I'd change my tune if I did a trial run for a few weeks

I kinda wish I had the strength of will to use effusive cute emoticons on all my public accounts, but maybe that's just not my aesthetic altogether

A well-placed tilde or two does the job just fine, I guess~

Seems like my Girl Feelings are bound up with my desire to be helpful, nurturing, surpass expectations, pleasantly surprise people, etc

I'm sure there's a lot to unpack there about internalizing gender roles, but in controlled doses it seems like a good way to both cultivate those personal virtues and play around with gender expression, so win-win

It's a good chilly day to dress like a Space Pirate Middle-Manager~

(She/they, interaction welcome)

Ayyy, got a new avatar up in here (Well, cleaning up an old Ideal Self Portrait)

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