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positive update re: money stuff, request for help again 

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Oh, wow. itch is/are running another bundle: "Visual Novel Romance Collection for Black Trans Lives", including Heaven will be Mine, Ladykiller in a Bind, and 12 others, for $10, "with all proceeds benefiting The Okra Project, a charity dedicated to combating food insecurity, and providing mental health services to Black trans folk".

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Twitch Stream 

I am very sorry to sound greedy. I should have posted this a while ago.

When i ask for help, i spend money on food and needs FIRST. Do i sometimes buy grubhub or the like? yes. when it's really hot.

do i buy wants like art or books? yes, AFTER i take care of needs

unlike what some trolls think i don't go "hahahaha! you suckers" or anything like that. i buy needs FIRST then anything else.

Thanks but still need help 

asking for help 

Trans woman asking for help. 

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Asking For Grocery Help 

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Asking for financial help 

alright! thank you everyone! I have money to go get food tomorrow! I am going to walmart as early as I can to get a little bit of food (i can't carry much) and drinks like water and koolaid.

thank you all once again

I love when people send $3 and go "i'm sorry this isn't enough, i hope it helps"

Sweetie, it's MORE than enough. you know why? it's you being generous and that warms my heart and helps me live. it inspires me even more to be generous myself. it's not about the money., as long as you take care of yourself, first

trans woman asking for help 

asking for help for my cats 

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asking for financial help, please give to black trans women first 

not doing good today 

trans girl need food money 

So I have a bird account again. Yeah, my time away lasted less than a day. meh. if you want it and we're following each other, then DM and i'll give it to you.

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so what's up guys? not much here. trying to decide what i can get for $46 food wise. might have to get dressed and walked to the store even if it means i miss some streams.

i'm so tired from lack of food though.

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