so hey what's up? (still asking for help if anyone wants to) 

So hey guys what's up?

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to posting here.

so still a type II diabetic

still haven't gotten disability.

Still need help. $218 is my current goal. I've got 2 bills to pay now. and need money for food.


though I totally understand if not. i don't get seen here much anyway. <3

old time furry artists 

you know, i love the furry community. i do.

but there are some artists that should be universally ignored anymore. their art may be good but their attitudes towards their fellow humans and life sucks.

*taps mic* is this still on XD wish i had more people to interact with here *waves* i'm not the she-beast some people have made me out to be, i promise!

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Seattle: Call for Mutual Aid Donations! 

Hello friends! I'm here to talk about a Mutual Aid effort going on in Seattle that's directly helping a lot of homeless: The Thomas Street Mini Park Mutual Aid Pop-up. They're on site every Saturday from 11am-4pm.

Every dollar spent here will go directly to the homeless. No charity can do that.

They have an Amazon Wish List:

And also take donations (recurring monthly would be great if you can spare it!)


I may make a new account here. going to try get away from using names like ace and artemis and stuff.

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asking for financial help, cool robot photos! 

Hi, @goblins and I are a disabled trans couple with less than £200 income this month. Please check out my toy photography and consider becoming a patron or making a donation. Retweets very appreciated! Thank you.


I know it may not seem like a lot but my bank account is overdrawn because i bought food with my last bit of money . i am asking for any kind of help, please.

Still needing help (update) 

hey guys, what's up?

So i'm still asking for help, but i figured I'd pull in and too.

I'm needing $185 more, if you want to help. nothing is mandatory.

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open to everyone but especially if youre black, can you tell me your experience with T? no pressure ofc

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TransCrowdFund NeedHelp 

Still need help guys. I hate posting so much. But I need $250/250 this time around. the faster i get it, the faster I stop posting this. or

TransCrowdFund NeedHelp 

Still need help guys. I hate posting so much. But I need $250/250 this time around. the faster i get it, the faster I stop posting this. or

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asking for money for our cat 

Our lovely 15 year old cat Baby needs to have a tooth removed, which will be about 500€ on top of the vet bills that already accumulated over the past weeks (they summed up to a good bit more than that).

This is by far not the most urgent fund raiser on here, so if you have to decide who to give money to, don't give it to us. But if you still have a few euros to spare after considering other folks, it would help us handle this more easily.

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help request, income and housing situations. :boost_ok:​ 

hiya! so we've had things unpinned and this has been less focal for a bit, mostly because our entire life has been a Thing lately and the stress of internalized ableism and classism was not a good addition at the time.

if you'd like to support us, links to our patreon, paypal, cashapp, and a wishlist are on

currently we're stuck living with our abusive parents again, who we previously planned to cut contact with, and we will be stuck with them for... an unknown amount of time.

the house is very inaccessible, being a three story place while we use a cane and wheelchair for chronic leg pain, and we have no bedroom so we're sleeping on an air mattress in the living room. we don't really currently have a great way out of this situation.

the most direct thing is that if we have enough income to actually support ourselves, there's the potential to move out, but otherwise it's all kinda
-big shrug- rn. but even in the short term, maintaining financial independence for things like keeping up our own phone plan, getting meds, buying groceries for ourselves when our parents are dismissive of our needs, and ordering food when we can't cook, are really useful.

please, though, do make sure your own oxygen mask (that is to say, ability to survive) is affixed before helping us out at all. thanks, y'all.

#TransCrowdFund #DisabilityCrowdFund

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It's Friday again! I am going live again in 10 minutes to showcase the next batch of European PlayStation 1 demo discs, I can confirm there's going to be a lot of new demos this time! Exciting!


So look...I know I got my haters out there. That's fine, most of it is justified. Seriously. But I also still need to eat.

I'm trying to raise $500 a month until I get disability. but I break it up to $250 now; $250 later (typically around the 15/16th of the month).

I need help for the first of March. please? or

Has anyone heard from or know to contact @bug outside of here and twitter ? I can’t use Twitter at the moment or else I would.

hate when you go to contact someone...and then don't hear anything back. you get worried that maybe they hate you or something.

what's up awesome people?

Do people even see my posts?

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need help $ rent, meds, therapy 

still needing some help here before sunday ;-;

After rent is paid I'll have $0 left to me at all, just trying to break even :0 I get paid this friday but I've missed a day of work out of my already slim schedule ;-;

Thanks everyone who's helped so far and anyone who boosts/ 💚 🐀

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