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stalker 2 leaks 

at least the world assets look good! Textures etc feel right out of the original trilogy (+ 14 years of technological development)

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@fribbledom having a specific plaintext syntax or even a Pharo/Morphic style interface is a 1970s mindset at best on how to manipulate program constructs. the core language of a programming environment should be an abstract syntax tree directly tied to operational semantics, and any user should be free to compose their own quasi-syntactic view from there on up, whether that looks like something conventional or something else entirely

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@fribbledom Oh boy, here we go. Time to write the cliff notes for my mfing manifesto:

Gemini is amazing, mostly because it isn’t mainstream and doesn’t try to support every use case. All it’s missing IMO is compression.

Software that creates vendor-lock-in is frequently worse than no software at all.

Using containers or container-like solutions for anything more than disposable pet environments is almost always a mistake typically rationalized by citing a list of previous mistakes.

The create-account+fork+pull-request+merge Git workflow is awful, complex, and breeds vendor lock-in (since it tends to be dependent on the forge implementation). Sending formatted patches through something automated like git send-email is 10x easier and faster: just commit and git send-email. Two steps, no account. Initial setup for people who don’t enjoy messing around is awful, though.

If a nontrivial service or workflow depends on a server implementation instead of an open protocol or well-specified and replicable API, it should only be used if there’s no alternative.

I have yet to find a GUI that’s better than a CLI/TUI/line-mode interface, with the exception of stuff that cannot be represented textually (media playing/editing, graphic design, videoconf, etc.) or broken systems that I’d love to ditch but can’t (web browsers).

Software doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It has impacts beyond what its makers can see. It has a carbon footprint, lock-in, future bugs, and added complexity. If it trades too much portability and speed for developer convenience, it contributes fo e-waste by encouraging others to buy new hardware. Because of this, we can’t and shouldn’t just see software as a “means to an end” to serve someone; the software must be designed well in the eyes of a developer mindful of these technical aspects.

For frequently-used graphical environments (including TUIs), modality is good. It reduces the number of things I can do without leaving a mode. It effectively “quarantines” features apart from each other to mitigate some user-facing aspects of bloat.

Dark mode doesn’t reduce eye strain for healthy eyes in at least moderately-lit environments. Nonetheless, I like it for two overlapping reasons, one subjective one less-subjective. Subjective reason: I am very photosensitive. Less-subjective reason: overstimulating brightness stresses me out. I get enough stress just by using a computer already.

I like RGB hinting, and dislike bitmap fonts.

User interfaces made for utilities (as opposed to, say, games) shouldn’t stress people out, but they shouldn’t make people feel happy either. They should aim to illicit as little emotion as possible. They’re tools, not toys. Some animations genuinely make me smile (GNOME GTK interfaces, some aspects of Material Design, etc), but that’s a problem. It contributes to addictiveness and distracts me.

Restrictive copyleft licenses like the GNU AGPLv3 are preferable when the software in question has source code that’s longer than the license itself and doesn’t compete with a proprietary format/codec (e.g., ogg/opus). These licenses are more free than permissive licenses since permissive licenses exist go enable proprietary derivatives; they enable restriction of user freedom. Restrictive copyleft is a local maxima of user freedom with respect to developer ownership.

I care so much about software freedom and some of the above issues that I struggle to connect with normal people and develop meaningful friendships, and to be invested in spending time with others. I don’t see this as a problem because I get genuine fulfillment out of this lifestyle anyway. I view the mental health loss as a fair trade.

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

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"Capitlaism breeds invoation and quality" they say as every piece of software instantly gets worse as soon as it gets acquired by some sort of company

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The new maintainers of Audacity introduce a Contributor License Agreement, to enable Audacity to move from one license to another. #linux #audacity

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"This new note taking system is amazing!" starter pack:

proprietary software and storage format;
no API or tool hooks;
reinvents Zettlekästen, wikis, and/or Memex concepts without acknowledgement (and frequently missing key components);
syncs to a private cloud with no (or shitty) encryption, or assumes you'll only ever work on one machine;
gigantic kitchen sink prerequisites (Electron or "works with emacs/VScode/Eclipse");

ksbd, fishing/beard edit 

the best one so far IMO--so many little details, and I'm excited to see where the edits go with Gog

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lb, griping about emoji 

what emoji should be: [key combination/touch key] opens up a search bar with booru-style tagging (with nice defaults) on all the emojis that's customizable and system-wide
what emoji is: a bunch of random half-assed implementations, including ones that don't even follow the unicode standard and just make up whatever they want and have no way of consistently generating emoji other than ":)" without digging through a massive+slow menu, LOOKING AT YOU, MS TEAMS

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Hey UI/UX ppl why can't we use multiple different keywords for an emoji PLEASE i DO NOT want to memorize the names of emoji when they're called something totally different on every site

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aight folks let's get real
the delta flyer is kickass but it's got some weird fucked up windows
i mean look at this shit

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computer science: the professional study of getting into a fight with an inanimate object and losing


my threadripper: oh my god every AVX register is filled with pony

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