Burger flipper (person who buys damaged sandwiches of any kind, repairs them, and quickly resells them hoping to make a reasonable profit)

TIL there are people in this world who will genuinely lose their shit if you put two spaces after a period. Some of us learned to type this way and it was something you would get dinged for failing to do in English class or any other class where you did a formal report. Yes there was a reason that is gone now. Style guides have changed. But for those of us growing up doing it, its pretty much automatic behavior and this is HARD to change...

I'm noticing a lot of "I'm bored of Mastodon, I'm going back to #Twitter" posts.

In case they are genuine, here's what I've found works:

⚫ try to post content, not complaints. People want to engage with you, not your gripes

⚫ try to learn. If you're putting in an effort to be part of the community, the community will welcome you

⚫ Try to avoid posting links to tweets, definitely don't cross-post. People want Mastodon content

⚫ Reply! Reply! Reply! Everyone wants to know someone's reading and considering their content, even you

⚫ Don't lurk. Many of us check for a filled out profile, avatars, and posts, before we follow someone back

⚫ Chill. It's a big new world that doesn't serve everything up to you

⚫ Avoid the trap of rebuilding Twitter here

Feel free to link this post to people struggling with Mastodon. It's what I've found works, and may not work for everyone

Macro, cop car destruction 

Sometimes you gotta ditch the fuzz by any means necessary. But Blake still looks cool doing it!

Art by Sixsydes

#furry #furryart #Blake #raptor #acab

Microsoft seeing people use their products with the default settings they ship to customers

You know, postybirb isn't the best for multi-site updating because Mastodon apparently doesn't pull any link images, so I have no eyecatch. Well here's the eyecatch! Audiobook time! audible.com/pd/Tales-of-Hayven

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Dear women of mastodon:
How often do you have people being weird in your DMs on here?

Last night I dreamed I was Iron Man! That suit was so fun to fly in! See this is why I don't try to forcefully lucid dream. The random ones have a lot to show me, even if it's just a fun time!

Over the next few months, we’ll observe our friends try all manner of sketchy new social media apps desperately trying to avoid having to select a mastodon instance and find interesting people and tags to follow.

Had equipment troubles today. My Hakko desoldering tool nozzle is blocked with crap even 500C won't remove. Ordered the cleaning drill bit. Also ordered a replacement tip in case it's necessary and two more tips larger and smaller size. A good investment I think as this tool is super helpful!

How to keep Nazis out. 

People fail to grasp what is being communicated in this metaphorical story.

Notice that the bartender does not respond by ignoring the Nazi. He immediately and swiftly confronts the Nazi and lets him know he's not welcome in the bar.

Further, the bartender warns that if you just ignore the Nazi, the Nazi will show up with more friends tomorrow.

If they are in your community, you need to confront them swiftly and decisively as the bartender in this story did.

Since I had that lucid dream as myself, and could see my handpaws, in it, figured I would post the best picture of what they looked like. This is one of my best anthro pics too! I'm a batgryph (Kitraxian actually but batgryph works as a good description :P).

I know the clothes look drab but I wanted a sample of clothing and the artist didn't know what color so just made them kinda grey. I need to get proper Kitraxian clothing drawn someday, earth clothing makes a poor reference though

I would guess it weighed about 1-2 pounds and when gently shaken or swirled, a leaded weight moved around inside somewhere out of view. As I did this, it caused the nylon wire to wrap back up around one reel, taking it from the other and the gears to move. Here unfortunately is where the dream ended, as my cat came in to wake me up so I could give him his morning medication and food. Still a fun and rewarding experience! I'll have to write more about lucid dreaming here too.

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So now I had this bizarre light bulb in hand and I took it upstairs to the kitchen table where there was working good light and even sunlight from the east window. The bulb itself had your standard Edison screw base, but the plastic it protruded from had two holes on each side of it where the body of the bulb begins. Inside I could see gears, nylon wire which stretched between two pullies and the bulb was unnaturally heavy. (thread cont)

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So I tried the switch, but it still would not light up. I looked down the top hole in the lampshade at the light bulb and this is where it gets interesting. The bulb was like a squashed sphere, made of glass on top and plastic on the bottom. I reached in with my hand, and had to be mindful of the fact I have claws which made it more likely for me to drop this precious item of study. I removed it carefully and was able to get it out without breakage! (thread cont)

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Most lucid dreams start in whatever room I'm sleeping in, and I usually get up, character TF, then go outside and go flying (hey who wouldn't?). This time however I had enough clarity to hold back from that urge and take an opportunity for scientific study of this lucid dream state. I decided I would examine the first lamp that did not work and see what it was like. This turned out to be quite interesting! (Thread continues)

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