Mastodon and Pleroma privacy update 

We're receiving reports of an exploit that allows users on certain versions of Pleroma to send follow requests to Mastodon users even after being blocked, causing a nuisance.

Although the latest version of Pleroma does not contain this exploit, not all servers are up-to-date, nor has a defense yet been implemented in Mastodon.

A relatively small number of bad actors are taking advantage of this, though, so users are encouraged to report them individually.


instance block and privacy update, having been identified as the only known instance to promote exploiting the highly discussed bug, is now blocked from federating with

We hope that this is the only such instance, but we welcome and will investigate any further reports.

instance block and privacy update and its owner dtluna (all known accounts) have been suspended for not only attempting to exploit the same bug, but also for anti-trans remarks.

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