there's exactly this much snow outside and I must remove it from a very tall truck to get to work. siiigh

checking in bc we're snowed in without internet except for this little corner with 4g

everything's fine I'll just be practicing bass

airline, food 

hey...emacs...sure mixed scripts can be tricky to support but howww does this even happen ?? why do word boundaries depend on where the cursor happens to be ???????

pay close attention to the Arabic line:

this question was part of required training at my job. i'm pretty sure they didn't write it (it seemed like a pre-packaged course sold to school HR departments) but this normalization of wage theft can fuck off

ok my phone has bit it but you still get to see my latest ergonomics project thanks to my shitty laptop camera

a sturdy velcro strap for my ergodox that works as a lap "mount"

rabbit food~ 

updates on bug's big move 

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