@pupy i kinda tried to do everything at once and am not sure how well it worked

Asking for Money :boost_ok: 

@LogicalDash the X230 is fine too, it just has their newer keyboard which i don't prefer, and it's still possible to install an X220 keyboard in it

dysphoria, money, asking for money? 

@LogicalDash that's precisely why i suggest pre-2012 thinkpads. like i said, they didn't change the design much until then. i have a Thinkpad X220T from 2011 and was able to upgrade many components easily

@LogicalDash it is true, but the lenovo ones up until around 2012 still have that classic look and keyboard

re: quirks of learning with ADHD 

side note i love being the junior dev who points out security flaws that nobody else saw and gets my seniors flustered enough to try to save face by "helping the new kid out" in ways that don't actually help but serve to reinforce status

quirks of learning with ADHD 

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