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asking for help 

money troubles, college, boosts welcome 

hey...emacs...sure mixed scripts can be tricky to support but howww does this even happen ?? why do word boundaries depend on where the cursor happens to be ???????

pay close attention to the Arabic line:

asking for help :( 

game dev 

My partner has some characters for sale on their toyhouse! check them out!

43 begins with the theme "Sacrifices must be made."

for the first time in years i feel like might actually have the energy and skill to do a game jam... hmm

ghhh ok 22 hours left to code an entire phone app this is fine

depression, asking for financial help, boosts appreciated 

I was going through an old 80gb hard drive that was due to be recycled and i found very shitposty bitmap images

found out my boss took the day off so i did too 😎

She needs our help paying for meds and essentials while looking for jobs...

Help us raise £1500 to give a disabled trans woman a chance at stability.

As I have done in the past for friends, I'm running a fundraiser on behalf of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Details are all on the page:

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