published a draft of the rationale behind Singularity, a soon-to-be-developed decentralized social networking system. looking for advice or interested collaborators re: distributed systems, cryptography, unique challenges for marginalized people, and whatever else we might need help with.

LB: hi, i'm working on this project too!

in case you can't see, it's a decentralized social networking thingy that @byte and i are working on. here's a little rationale writeup:

we're looking for help re: cryptography, distributed networking systems, online-social challenges for marginalized groups, and anything else a burgeoning social thingy could need. so feel free to reach out to either of us if that sounds like you!

@typhlosion @byte :o
im frontend programmer so unfortunately not good at any of those. but is there anywhere like a blog or something to see where this goes


@cpsdqs @typhlosion there'll be a discord server up soon, and i'll probably write about major developments over on too

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