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by the way, I've got a new avatar, thanks to @danfoxx being awesome! :D

Hey if anyone wants to help support a disabled trans musician I would appreciate giving my Patreon a look, or even just dropping some change on PayPal

I can't be employed so this is pretty much my only option as far as money goes

Boosts also encouraged~



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shower time! ^_^

I shall be cleeeen!!!


Offering affirmation to the people you like who feel like they don't fit in is often a super helpful thing.

A lot of people have often felt on here they aren't welcome or wanted or they're doing something wrong and often nothing is further from the truth.


so as a result I've been basically unable to do anything on my computer for a while until Firefox finally managed to close, with multiple attempts at prompting with task manager. :(

well, Firefox just decided not only that it wanted to never properly close an unknown tab, but that that tab should use up all my laptop's memory and thus lag the entire computer.

great job, Firefox! /s

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okay, it's 18:00, I really should get out of bed...

found this on my laptop, i think i was trying to make a cone that had been bitten into.. @chao

it's past 5:30. I should probably sleep.

good night! take care! <3

why did the phrase 'Luke upon my creations and weep' [where 'Luke' is a pun for 'look', and I think I've heard it without the pun before?] just pop into my head?

I mean, what the heck? why?????

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alright, it's nearly 17:00. probably time to do Awake Stuffs™!