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Hey folks, chitter will go offline for a little bit in about an hour, to finish the server migration that was started in an emergency a few weeks ago. Should last an hour tops. As always, updates will be posted on

Hey folks, Chitter will be going offline for emergency maintenance soon. Please check for updates while the server is down.

e: "soon" is 14:00 UTC

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soz about the downtime, server decided to lock up and I was on the road so I couldn't fix it

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soz chitter users, media is going to be slow today, let me know if any media straight up does not load, further updates at

Hello everyone! Chitter is three years old today!! Happy birthday to the big raccoon booper!! boop boop boop! πŸŽ‰

Over the past three years we have now booped over 496 thousand times, we're nearly at the 500 thousand milestone, wow!

Here's a very big thank you from all the admins here for sticking around and doing what you do to keep our community alive and kicking, we love you all!

On a final note, remember to stay safe, stay hydrated and wash those cute lil' hands :chitter: :chitterpets:

Hey folks, we've updated Chitter today. Which means we can make announcements now! Also you can bookmark posts now. Also a lot of other small improvements, most of which are listed here: Personally (@codl here), I'm pretty excited about pressing ctrl+enter to quickly open the image description dialog.

If you run into technical issues with this new update, please let me (@codl) know. Otherwise, happy posting!

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:chitter: Chitter update 

hi. i believe i have fixed the now-longstanding issue with failing media uploads. please let me know if you continue to run into issues with media

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Hey Chitter folks, just addressing an issue we've had for a few months now. If you see 'error 500' on image uploads, keep retrying the image upload until it works.

This is a consistent problem on our end and we will hopefully get it fixed eventually, thanks for bearing with us!

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πŸ“’ Chitter planned downtime reminder 

In less than ten minutes, Chitter will go offline for a little bit. Updates will be posted at if anything goes wrong

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πŸ“’ Chitter planned downtime 

Hi folks, next Monday at 10:40 UTC will go offline for hopefully no more than ten minutes.

πŸ•‘ will remain up and updates will be posted there

Chitter boosted media outage 

media uploads may fail and remote statuses with media might be delayed due to issues with our storage provider. some media may fail to load as well. monitoring and keepin you posted πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Chitter is two years old today! πŸŽ‰

We have booped 358 thousand times, that's almost four times more boops than last year!

Thank you everyone for your love and support over the past couple of years, we wouldn't be here today without you :chitterpets:

Please welcome our new gaming sub-community, Trash Bandits!

More updates and information will be posted over at the @TrashBandits account

Hey new folks! Just a quick reminder that it is important to put NSFW and sensitive imagery behind a content warning by clicking on the CW button.

This greatly helps people who may be using mastodon in a public space or users of other instances who may not want to see this kind of content.

We also highly reccomend giving our code of conduct a read, which includes useful information about our community and beyond!

Thank you :chitter: :purple_sparkling_heart:

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