This blew up.
Gonna use this opportunity to help a friend out. A friend from here has been having a lot of money problems and hasn't been able to afford food. I'd really appreciate if you'd help her out, as I'm unable to donate and feel bad that I can't.
She's over at @natsumisummer and has links to donate in her bio.

We have discovered fossil records of trash on Mars. A plan is underway to deliver a rover via catapult by this time next year.

@Bronco @chloe
Wow they must have really good telescopes they can see the fossil records all the way from here

No telescopes. There's a raccoon stationed on Mars and he's yelling his findings back to earth

Why does anyone need a rover. Plus they're already building the catapult

@chloe real life picture of my partner' grandfather who worked in NASA

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