@nothingwindsky 1990s: recording to tape to impress your friends

2020s: recording to 32kbit mp3 so it’ll fit in an email header to impressive your friends

@djsundog so I get that, but see my argument is just to cover my bases I should get one white man on the show, and I’d be honored if you’d be my white man

also I could be just sending a dm or whatever but like

where’s the fun in that???

Boost this toot if @djsundog should podcast about pine phones with me

@SoniEx2 also 64kbit compression actually works in my favor sometimes lol, the compression process will cut out breathes and other background noises

@SoniEx2 oh yes 😎

My end game is to the most high quality low file size podcasts

also juxtaposition:

me: is literally using audio software that costs hundreds of dollars to edit and produce a podcast

also me: exports it at 64kbps mp3

Also as a side note you absolutely do not really *need* to buy plugins or audio software really to make music or do pod stuff but I am a purist and my quality standards can never be met

I can like have three people listen to the shows but I’ll be out here chasing audio quality endgame

God I hate how expensive good audio software is, because every time I try and use a demo of it I end up thinking “ok how can I finesse my way into getting this”

Now that im competent at react is it time for me to fork mastodon


@tom I haven't bought a steam game in a decade but I always get an email when shadow run returns is on sale

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Mari Kurisato is a fantastic educator and fighter for First Nation, LGBT+, and Disabled rights. She's a writer and poet.

She needs our help right now to get through.

If you have any $ to spare, please don't hesitate to send some to her GoFundMe


@shel might of just been us yelling in DMs about it tbh lol

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