Daft punk really said “we’re gonna make some great music and go home” and that’s the most important part, go the fuck home once you finished the work

“Ahaha you’re being sent to the shadow realm” “fair, lemme grab the 9”

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If you’re in a relationship and your both switches, it’s normal to have a game of Yugioh to figure out who’s the top or bottom for the night before fucking right ?

Feds be like “we can’t pay for this”

Sure can! It’s call money you make a lot of it

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I hate when people say “how are we going to pay for this?”

With cash money? The fuck

X org is so old you can make jokes about being horny for x org and it’s not problematic

When playboy carti said “I’m on the X I’m on the codeine” he was NOT talking about display servers

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How the fuck has Linux not moved on from x yet

The use of threading to as a more tangible paragraphs system also leads to this system of thinking where “each toot in the thread is it’s own idea in the thread itself” which works with the above size/text constraints to write a more cohesive “thread” or document

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Writing is writing and while I think social media is a horrible delivery format for text it is a wonderful way to learn how to write:

Why you ask?

Size constraints and text constraints force you to write more concisely which honestly is so key to effective writing. Like the toot box size / limit makes you a better writer than not

While I wouldn’t cheat on a partner

If I did I’d for sure have my boo saved as “scam likely” in my phone contacts

Im sick of cables, im putting everything on wifi

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