Update on the obscure cam iPhone app: it’s uh good at blocking out A face but is going wild when multiple faces enter the scene lol

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Killer mike trash for this speech in Atlanta but I still need this album rn

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New run the jewels new run the jewels new run the jewels

If you think im being annoying on the TL just imagine being someone I DM all the time, chosa “probably muted by most of their friends in telegram and iMessage” fine

I guess I should be happy they didn't have the sirens on as well

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man the thing that I dont get about this curfew is why the fuck are they patrolling with the lights whirling on the top of their cars?

my window is adjacent to my face so light shining through the blinds when im about to go to bed hits my face, and last night whoever was patrolling had their lights whirling for no damn reason

this is genuinely a fucking great album and y'all should check it out

and then pay for it, support black women making art

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not going to lie seeing those clips from the LA county commissioners meeting of white people TEARING into the entire city of Los Angeles police / mayor office is beautiful

This is my first time hearing about this manga, will def pick it up

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LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM, Vol. 1 | Kata Konayama | the beloved manga about a non-binary teenager working at an LGBT+ maid cafe

Gita Jackson from motherboard has a running list of black writers in games/tech on twitter:


Tbf everything came out even ish but my line up is fucked up mostly because I didn’t even attempt to line up my hairline, that’s an art form and one im not adept that

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I cut my own hair for the first time like every today, I haven’t had a cut this low in like three years

like all great iOS apps, this is a nice mix of apple sample code and really janky hacks

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