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Im getting the urge to install windows again

I got my start asking someone I met like a month earlier in IRC for an account on a random Wordpress site lol

All y’all on the TL are DOING FAR better than I when I first got started

Anyway thanks for reading, im old and I have been discouraged many times but my life has been far shittier when I’m not working or messing around with something so i make these pods and yell about colors and fonts because that’s just who I am

And im fucking amazing, creative, and still here

At the end of the day like, I’ve met straight cis folks who just like don’t make things and don’t have any hobbies and it baffles me as I think I assume everyone has that itch in their brain to make things

And I still believe everyone does and should try and be creative in many different aspects of their lives. Just that if you are someone who makes something understand that you likely have found yourself a healthy outlet for getting out emotions and embrace that

Essentially, you should make things because you want to and (this is also great life advice) when something stops being fun or comforting for you to do then listen to your body and stop doing it

If it feels good again later then pick it back up, there is a reason that everyone who has ever written a “how to make it online” self help book is either a cis white man or white woman

You are powerful and your words do matter, existing and creating is a statement in of itself

If you are able to make this your job it is literally because a meteor strike by your and the planets aligned in the right way, in a world of algorithmic feeds you do not have any direct control in your own successes online and accepting that fact early will treat you well in the future

You will also get a chance and not realize it was your chance until you blew it and it will be devastating, but there’s always going to be another opportunity


On this as an official old person content creator (I’ve literally been doing this for a decade) my only advice is this:

If you have an itch in your brain to make things and you get jumpy when you’re not making things and scratching that itch makes you feel things you haven’t felt before in your life, that feeling does not get heightened by getting paper

Trying to chase it leads to a bad cycle of getting sad whenever the numbers don’t add up to what you think they should be


y'all can say im irrelevant but you can't say i'm not fucking talented at being myself

i am good because i think i'm good and i like it so that's good enough

and i mean i get it for people who are trying to live off of creation that you don't really get the liberty of being as carefree as me, but at the same time chasing numbers is a losing game that just leads to bad mental health

its kinda odd using a podcast thing that reports stats after not knowing a thing about shades of brown for so many year (star afaik isn't tracking you, moreso of basic downloads from the server style stats)

and it essentially confirms what i've always figured that it's likely just my friends who are listening but i have enough fun making it and i'm good enough at creating it that i don't really give a shit?

like low or high numbers i'm having fun and thats the most important thing imho

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@chosafine tries to explain Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind to @HTHR but it turns into improv comedy.


a young child emerged from the dark, striken by how light the sun touched their face

in front of them they began to see a shadow, not like the ones they found in the caves

as they looked up and adjusted their vision, a dog looked at them curiously

"h-h-hello?" said the child

the dog looked

the dog sniffed

the dog barked

the dog then said

"install gentoo"

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2017 me would shitpost in masto monday but 2020 me is just gonna spit some game

i needed another "oh there's a gap in time so lets fill the air" song and i already had it on my hard drive soo

i think the ice cream truck song has unofficially become the theme song of star


@chosafine tries to explain Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind to @HTHR but it turns into improv comedy.


It’s going to be so good, I haven’t laughed this much in a while

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