kijiji got me looking at vintage cameras and i'm annoyed because i'm genuinely interested but i'm broke


also i probably shouldn't be getting cameras that cost $30 for 8 pictures when i can barely shoot digital as it is

there are good polaroid cameras locally for less than the picture packs cost, at like $15 for a one600 pro and $25 for a sun600 lms

and you'd need a picture pack to test them

it's so strange to me that polaroid cameras don't have a battery built in, their picture packs actually power them

which is why you'd need to bring one to test the camera, though you can use a cartridge with no pictures left apparently

and also apparently there's a way to mod the picture packs to use the newer cheaper instant film for the cameras that have batteries built in

@cinnamon wait

are they somehow /single-use/ and you can't use them again after you run out?

@IceWolf polaroid cameras use picture packs that are basically cartridges with 8 instant pictures in them, and a battery since the camera itself doesn't have one

they cost like $30 each though, and in getting only 8 pictures that you need to be able to take clearly and at a good angle and with good lighting on the first try... it's quite pricey compared to digital, or standard roll film cameras even

@cinnamon I'm baffled as to why they put the battery in the cartridge instead of the camera itself.

@IceWolf probably because it was one less thing to keep track of

they would probably require you to use disposable batteries in a camera back then if any, so just having to put in a picture pack and know you'll have more than enough power to take all 8 pictures was pretty convenient i imagine

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