politics, neighbours 

a lot of folks seem to think that their neighbours are in some way to blame for any noise or other annoyances

might i suggest that if people like to party and you don't like noise...that's more a problem with capitalism than it is with your neighbours?

if not for capitalism, you could easily move to a quieter place with like minded individuals. or afford to soundproof your/their living space, try earplugs and sleep aids, etc


politics, neighbours 

we are all just kinda forced to live together in paper thin apartments and houses with very little ability to choose who we live around and what kinds of communities to look for

just because somebody around you doesn't fit your lifestyle does not mean it is their fault or that they should change their lifestyle to cater to yours

it is not their or your fault for being forced to live in a less than ideal situation where people can't do what they enjoy without annoying others

politics, neighbours 

a side note: it is perfectly reasonable to complain that you have to deal with noise or other annoyances! you can vent about that stuff!

just please do not harbour resentment/cast blame at your neighbours or others who live around you for being incompatible with your lifestyle. it is not healthy and it is not fair to them.

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