hard to pick up on the phone, but calgary tower is very good colours tonight. looks like cotton candy irl

well that was pretty easy. got a 7 kill streak in 2v2 and immediately ranked up

ah, i see the roomba decided to be a mop today. or maybe it was just thirsty

a couple shots i took at the river. calgary tower was yellow and white tonight

i like these folksy animal flags on one of the bridges over the river. kinda want one for myself

just got waved at by darth vader on an electric scooter and then immediately saw this. cool neighbourhood


i had to get rid of every single one of my fleets, but on the bright side, some of my stations have really good defense, so,

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i have no idea how to come back from this. i think i'm just fucked

this is what it looks like when it happens. never seen anything like it before

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wish i had my real camera with me. view from up here is magnificent

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