oh i forgot all about yamper. good dog imo

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youtube vanced is completely gone from the internet thanks to a cease and desist and newpipe decided to not load any video until i uninstalled the fdroid version and installed the newer version from the official github which was updated an hour ago so tonight has been interesting for trying to quickly chill to a youtube video between sleeps

sandman s01 was pretty good! extremely homoerotic as promised

@wxcafe how is the srt 202? i've been thinking of grabbing one as my first film camera

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I can see them just fine. It's just I don't think they should exist. Ⓐ

really fun to see netflix saving a show instead of cancelling one for once

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finally, we're getting new bee and puppycat

pretty sure i'm gonna need to start meeting people around calgary if i hope to have any kind of social life

but oh god is that ever a can of worms

splatoon 3 countdown meme: 30, 29 

30 - Favourite Grizzco weapon?

probably the charger. charges instantly, more damage and 20% faster movement than a bamboozler, and has the range of an eliter. plus it looks like a bike pump. absolutely ridiculous

29 - Favourite stage?

it's hard to decide between the reef and skipper pavilion. though honestly it's hard to decide between like half the maps in the game, they really know how to design maps...most of the time

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I completely forgot to post to Mastodon that my game's demo date is September 2nd as part of SAGE!! So now I'm posting it!! There's gonna be lots to explore and tons of collectibles so I hope you check it out!!

Store page: store.steampowered.com/app/152

all my spla2n ranks are already x so i don't really have anything to do splatoon-wise until the pre-release in like 2 weeks

but i do kinda wanna play.........

why didn't twitter call scheduled posts "pretweets"

the one thing that may be hazardous to my sleep schedule is anytime friend is actually living there because we are prone to staying up until morning just talking to each other, oops

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not to mention i'll basically get the first few months there all to myself so i can set up a routine there before anyone else :3

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i feel like the move is gonna do wonders for my sleep schedule

even without ac at first, the house will likely be cooler than my apartment bedroom

and it'll be quieter inside and out, meaning i can go out during the day for sun and exercise, have quiet time earlier in the night, and not get disturbed by roommates, neighbours, and construction

how to get a song out of my head so i can go back to sleep?

i'm so close to beating Be There For You by Kinnie Lane on expert+ in beat saber. it would be my first song at that difficulty

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