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switching to uefi mode makes my computer boot with no display and i'm not sure what's going on because the gtx 1060 is absolutely a uefi card and i haven't had any problems booting uefi-only on other mobos with the same parts

going out skating is always 10x better with friend. good night tonight

i got invited to a paid on-site playtest of destiny 2

unfortunately it's in bellevue WA, so a little late for that huh

watching people who got popular way before youtube and social media do the whole "like and subscribe" thing in videos gives me such a strange feeling

not sure if this would be too tacky for a face mask, but i might get one anyway

is there a website that lets you monitor daily average drop-off times for postal services in your area? because i think something like that would be really cool

did a got dang grocery run too. pretty productive without being able to play video games :p

called and got on the waitlist for a family doctor at the queer friendly low income clinic

it's gonna be like 3 months

can't play games on my pc until the new motherboard gets here...sometime today. but in the meantime it still works and i am actively using it which is a tad tantalising

wonder how apex player RealShaniaTwain is doing these days

tomorrow i might have to put my paws inside a computer


canada politics 

one of the promises the conservatives are making under "economy" is just "ban puppy mills" because i guess they had to throw something in there to get literally anyone to care?

oh. i saw posters everywhere and made fun of one conservative guy that kept mailing me things but didn't realise there is a federal election literally today

i'm still not used to just how many bunnies there are in the city parks, and how big they are, and how close they let people get before they scurry off

the birds here are fearless too

idk what it is about these buildings at night but i like looking at them

there is a whole gaggle of people at the skatepark and i am off in my own little corner learning how to... just stand on my board basically, lmao

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