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in fact i may actually be regular on a snowboard and goofy on a skateboard, for some reason

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being somewhat ambidextrous is weird because i have immense trouble figuring out which position actually feels more comfortable when, say, standing on a skateboard, or holding cutlery


i need to find another nutritional drink that's actually aimed at adults, has no sugar, and isn't basically entirely fats like soylent

my liver just cannot handle the fat content of soylent every day, even as a supplementary meal

might try out ensure next time i do groceries

still not sure what i want to do with my hair, but i do know i want it cut

TIL skateboarders are legally allowed to use the bike lanes and sidewalks as long as they yield to pedestrians

someone told me off for skating in the bike lane on the way back so i just looked it up

oh no, a swing. there goes whatever i was doing before

this time i am hanging out in a regular park failing to do anything resembling an ollie or a shove-it on the nice cushiony grass

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couldn't resist doin a heckin late skate

mall grabbing on purpose to keep the people who think strongly about it away from me

willow just saw someone or something coming in one of the entrances of the building and just absolutely lost it with excitement. i didn't catch a look because i had an elevator to catch but now i'm extremely curious what got her going

got my speed bronze switches! debating on whether i'll wait to get the switch puller from aliexpress or just pull everything out the fun way


accidentally spent way too long in the bath shaving my legs

i am now pruney in some places and smoof in others

canada politics 

calgary skyview got a liberal and all 9 other parts of calgary got conservatives. most of alberta got conservatives. idk if that's the norm here but either way, yikes

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i will never not accidentally click the "x" in screenshots of windows to try and close the image

now that i've got windows reinstalled and mostly set up it is that time again to run around tweaking config files and various graphics settings to make apex run good

huh, a different option that i thought did the same thing somehow worked :shrug:

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