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this is the best tom scott video and it's like a minute long. also 12 years old

steam: "staxel ce out now!"
me: "staxel...combat evolved?"

weighted blankets are appealing to me for a lot of the same reasons bondage is

been having a lot of "oh, i'm kinda cute" moments the past couple days, whenever i happen to look in a mirror

just played a ranked game of apex where it was a 2v3, but one of the players on the other team decided to sit it out and let themselves die to the ring so we could have a fair 2v2, and we won just barely

thank you random strangers

going up to someone with a dog and asking "can your dog pet me?"


hurt my butt area again simply twisting my body while bailing off my board earlier, so i'm thinking maybe i should see a doctor tomorrow and figure out what's up

the impact i took the other day was really hard, i wouldn't be surprised if i damaged something back there

though honestly i still think i need to see a hairdresser asap, it's been a couple years

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ordered some cheap hair clippers so that i have an easier time keeping my limbs smooth, and a backup option if i'm too anxious about finding a hairdresser

i'm at 14g and someday i'd like to be closer to 0g so my ears can float around in midair or whatever

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did i get replaced with someone else while i was asleep?

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i'm doing real good at the video game today. what's going on

apex legends 

the past couple days i could use the wingman, somehow, but couldn't control the r99

today is a day i cas't use the wingman at all, but i can shred with the r99

got a 5k/1716d game of ranked battle royale just now. carried my teammates hard

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