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claire c. ☭💞

my name is The Thorax, i speak for the bees

If you're feeling shit, here's a nice little chart of self care questions to ask yourself. It doesn't apply to everyone, but I would say that at least half of the advice is helpful.

@clairec graceful is usually the word I use to describe all when I watch them walk...they also have dainty little footsteps that are so soft and gentle they don't make any sound

psa tarantulas are beautiful and graceful animals

Life's a game
Life's a joke
Fuck it!
Why not go for broke?
Trade in all your chips and learn how to be free

Why abstain?
Why jump in line?
We're all living on borrowed time

Do what you like
And we'll like what you do when you do it
And if they don't that's fine
Fuck 'em!

quine written in haskell Show more

like srsly please help i can't read the haskell docs because this stylesheet is so broken

haha i installed a style and now the page is unreadable and removing the style did nothing what the HELL do i do here

is george soros a denaskulo or did he learn esperanto as a teen/adult i can't remember

le masto français est plein des mignon•nes 💞

literally the most important thing is that people are putting in effort to grow. seeing that growth in person is amazing. i love people