it's kind of annoying but it's also really funny so I haven't looked into fixing it yet

oh my god yall i did not ask for advice on how to get the giant filing cabinet out of my applications menu!!!!!! i was just sharing this funny screenshot from my computer!!!!!!!!!

@codl file manager ui idea: the file icons scale with file size

@halcy this is the kind of shit that should go into bumptop and other things that try to make the desktop more like a real desktop i.e. messy and hard to find stuff on

@halcy @codl I always wanted to do that with a first-person 3D file manager. Maybe like a universe sim where each file is a star, spatially arranged based on filesystem location, different filesystems are different galaxies etc.

I also want to do a DOOM-based one where the toughness of the enemy corresponds to the file size...

@codl it's because It's gnome software in XFCE. change your icon pavk and it'll go away

@marsxyz none of the other icon themes i have look any different

@codl ok that's obvious and you've probably heard it 10 times but I'm talking about the nautilus binaries etc

@codl I'm guessing an SVG file that your desktop environment isn't scaling properly.

@codl I chuckled, thx for sharing. Computers! 😂

@codl looks like your desktop environment is buggy

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