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codl unofficial fan page @codl

(extremely not a cop voice) anyway whats the latest cool crime you've commited? shoplifting? illegitimately distributing copyrighted files online? treason? just curious what you cool cats are up to

@codl I posted #ACAB in a chatroom with over a hundred people in it because all cops are bad

@deejvalen I read that as "assigned cop at birth" and I'm pretty sure that's not what it is

@ShinjiBikari I thought so too when I first read acab (all cops are bad/bastards)

@codl being a pokemon. :/ some consider it copyright infringement. :v

I can't change who I am tho

@codl i regularly run a red light on my bike or on foot because I'm not going to wait for AIR.

@codl When I was a child, I had stolen a candy. I felt bad for it so I gave it back. At least, that's the only thing I see as a crime. Judging from a legal perspective...