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codl ๐ŸŒต @codl

Yandex translate you incorrigible smartass

ยท Tusky ยท 29 ยท 46

I can't believe I got a suggestion to use other software on this funny poast.

Is it possible to make a marginally popular post on here about computer without someone telling you to use something else? Our hero's search continues

@lucidiot idk I haven't had much luck there either but I suppose it's less concentrated

@codl Have you considered using a DIFFERENT computer?

@codl giving any opinion about the computer boxes usually ends up with people in your mentions trying to be "helpful" even when you say "don't @ me"

@esp "I think computer bad"
"That's because you haven't tried computer 2"

@codl "computer 2 scares me" "well it shouldn't" "but" "SHHHH"

@codl "poast"! :D

*writes this word down frantically to preserve it*

@codl i mean, you asked it to translate french to english, right? XD