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how come the people that used to spell microsoft "micro$oft" dont spell google "g👀gle" like cmon it's perfect and just as obnoxious

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@codl Because the people who used to type Micro$oft are too old to use emojis casually.

@codl Well, emojis are more inconvenient to type.

@codl because there's no googly-eye key on the keyboard and everyone hates emojis.

@codl Neat idea, I might just steal it :) (And yes, you're entirely right, Google is hugely obnoxious as is surveillance capitalism in general.)

@aral What I meant is obnoxious was twisting company names to get at them as if that's making any difference, when all it really does is piss off people who don't care as much

@codl Gotcha. Yet I still find companies that violate your human rights and threaten democracy while making billions off of tracking, profiling, and exploiting you more obnoxious.

@aral right. you can't really compare "person is annoying to talk to" and "company is evil" on the same scale

@veer66 depends on your OS but i think windows and osx have emoji keyboards now? and linux has an emoji picker in ibus

@codl @veer66
i use fcitx for things, is a nice and not too difficult to set up. even works in framebuffer!💫

@codl bc I have to go into the emoji menu to type it

..actually because I stopped typing m$ at least 10 years ago

because people love google but hate microsoft for some reason.

Google is what Microsoft was 15 years ago

I don't want to be the author of this toot anymore

@codl Because quite some people at least in my environment who used to write "Micro$oft" actually were Google enthusiasts from day one, back when Google was considered to "not be evil"... ;)

How about Faceb👀k? Also Amazon and Apple might deserve something similar.

@codl maybe because its harder to type..


@codl it's harder to type in their CLI-only tools

@codl Because G:eye::eye:gle is better, it's staring at you