vous croyez ya encore des gens qui appellent les 118 au lieu d'aller sur pagesjaunes.fr

bon je parle dans le vide parce que les francais.es sont toustes soit sur le chemin du boulot soit encore au lit

@codl I remember the 11811 ads in spain! thankfully here people seemed to realize it was a scam and you could just google the same info

@Efi we had like five different numbers over here all competing for all the old people who didnt know how or want to use computer

@codl same
one of those slowly turned into a whole phone company, like, keeping the same brand, but instead of info now the sell phone lines
I think it's on all of europe? pepephone?

@Efi i looked it up and they have a whopping 12 employees. how do you run a phone company with 12 people

@codl it's literally just a marketing department for a bigger company

@codl ok, idk, maybe only south europe
it's a subcompany of one of the big ones, but with a cheery branding instead of formal, and they started selling info services and now sell cheap phonr line plans, it's weird because they use a cartoon character so you never know who is behind all that crap

@codl les 118 réservent aussi des services et tout

@codl (mais c'est des trucs que tu peux faire sur Internet aussi)

@Siphonay bah si on peut réserver des billets de concert ça doit être sympa parce que les billetteries en ligne c'est très la fatigue

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