wait the full game is free to play now

wtf was that whole "free edition" bullshit a couple months back about then

@ctrlaltdog no you still have excuses like
- it will make you upset
- it takes up 20 gosh darn gigabytes

all i get for having bought the game is prime status even though i was not high enough level to get it

@codl ah I don't think we can play multi on this mode though

@Siphonay yeah we can queue up in teams of two or three

@Siphonay @codl get me in on this, i've nearly finished this download

I'm still live btw if you're wondering what Csgo battle royale is like

update: the csgo battle royale mode is alright and im glad i got out of bed

this is what the main menu looks like in the latest update btw :hotboi:

i think it's kinda cool that the button for the new battle royale mode shows actual gameplay of it

this was harder to get working than it was worth

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