What does it say about me that the first thing I do when I'm considering learning a new piece of technology is look up if there are any blog posts titled "[thing] considered harmful"

learning new things considered helpful

It feels like a bad habit to immediately seek criticism but also I don't want to invest three days into flutter and find that it sucks ass

Google has a bad track record when it comes to app frameworks (coughs) angular (coughs)

@codl says you don't wanna waste a lot of precious time on learning something known to be broken

wish the founding engineers at my company had done that with, for example, PHP 😖

@VyrCossont that's a good point but also it seems like whatever the technology I'll always be able to find someone who's angry about it

computer science shitpost Show more

@codl tbh, it just makes you seem defensive of your time

it's pretty easy to be misled by things like that--but it also brings up the main pain points you will likely no longer be surprised by if you find them acceptable

@awr I'm not going to read this because phones and pdfs don't match, but I like the title

@codl @awr whatever happened to reflowable PDFs anyway? i swear the last time i saw that tech working, it was on an Adobe PDF reader that came preinstalled on my WinMo 6 phone
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