alphabetical naming schemes:
- ubuntu: you get to find out about an animal you've never heard of before every 6 months!
- android: uhh we partnered with kitkat even though there are dozens of desserts that start with k around the world

@codl bakery near the place I work out of Mondays makes those, they’re fantastic

@lulucybrelu ah ben voilà je cherchais ce que ça pourrait être Android q



- debian : Pixar made Toy Story 4 just to make sure we wouldn't run out of names
- fedora : look, we don't fucking know

meme + pun 

@codl @Siphonay slackware: we have releases older than all of you, releases on floppies, and if they had names they never bothered letting us know

@djsundog @codl I think slackware made a post like 15 years ago that was like "release codenames are stupid"

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