i was thinking about halloween avatars (yes im thinking ahead) and came to the conclusion that the scariest avatar is tux

the second scariest avatar is whichever avatar 13 year old you was using when posting on video game forums

if you were not posting on video game forums when you were 13, or if you are currently 13 or fewer years old, sorry, but you are disqualified from halloween

the oldest gravatar i have is from 2008, that's not quite when i was 13 but eh close enough

@codl you might guess from my name but i insist each halloween, the scare-ifying you do to your avatar,name,etc should stick

you just become a bit spookier each year on halloween

@zoey hmm how many halloweens until you run out of characters though

@codl well hopefully by then we'll invent a better way to spell

@codl xbox 360 default avatars
(is the fact that i was younger than 13 when that came out the scariest halloween avatar)

@zoe i don't remember when the 360 came out so i may also or may not have been younger and/or older than 13

@codl ohgod ijust remembered what my 13 year old self's smwcentral profile pic was and now i dunno if i can find it

@maple then there are many other scary avatars! i didn't say you had to use that one

@codl oh i thought because of the disqualification rules that i could only use the one i had at 13

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