when spider man go to the holidays he come back with a spider tan

when spider man go to japan people call him spider san

when spider man plug in the ethernet, he connect to the spider lan

that's all i got, thanks for coming everyone

there's a toilet joke in there with spider can but i couldn't figure out how to make it tactfully so i gave up on it

spider man go to the cabaret because he like spider can can

when spider man go on the Internet, he look with his web sight

that's right I'm bringing back the mediocre spider man jokes thread

what car does spider man drive? A Spider sedan

when he is defeat, spider man go back to the drawing board, he needs a tighter plan

These are really bad and I apologise

@codl not as good as the amazing spider man jokes but it'll have to do

@codl when spider man wants to explore generative data using a deep learning model he builds a spider gan

@aeonofdiscord @codl when spider man thinks about what he's going to do. that's a spider plan

@codl can't believe after making all these jokes, every mastodon instance has given you a spider ban

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