what if steam games had durability and if you played them too much they broke and you had to buy them again

just like games on cd-rom. isnt this what everyone wants, to go back to the good old days, to relive their gaming youth? (do not @ me if your gaming youth did not involve cd-roms i dont care)

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@Felthry i'm sure they've already considered it

I don't recall having CD-ROMs go bad on me. This is true for both computer use as well as consoles. I mean, it might have happened but it wasn't a problem I associate with it.

@codl man, I had one of those CD polishers that was probably a scam to fix my PS2 and Xbox games

@unascribed @codl you dont want to do it too much though, it removes a fair bit of the surface of the disc and eventually makes it fragile

also doesn't really help with really deep scratches or cuts

@unascribed same bc i had lent like 75% of my gamecube library to someone and they managed to ruin all of it

@unascribed i was very upset and still am ten years later

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