i do not understand why the new twitch dashboard defaults to having a giant stream preview

when i first saw screenshots of it i was extremely worried that they wouldn't carry over the ability to hide stats but: good news, they did. i can still hide my viewer count and not fuss over it

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overall i think it's neat. haven't streamed with it yet but i like that they put away things that you don't need to see all the time behind a button (stream info, raid/host buttons)

also i have a feeling that extensions will be allowed to add their own quick action buttons at some point

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boi i can run three whole minutes of ads if i want huh

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@codl me: [completely ignores the context of this toot and just replies to it on it's own] i've never run three whole minutes in my whole life

@codl there’s a twitch dashboard? I’ve only just started streaming things, so still getting to grips with.. Twitch

@hugo yeah, "creator dashboard" in your avatar menu

it shows you stats and new followers and stream health along with your chat

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