oh fuck you know what. Ikea should make a game where you design an IKEA store layout and you visit your friends' stores and whoever has the most disorienting store wins

hear me out: you and your friend both get like three minutes to design a shitty ikea layout with a set of building blocks. Then you're dropped in first person into each other's ikea and you're both given the same list of random objectives like "check out the sinks", "measure a couch", "bother an employee", "touch a plush shark", and the first one to finish them all wins

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if they don't make this game I'm gonna have to learn unity and make it myself

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@codl they have different layouts? I thought all ikeas literally clones

@codl we've got two on the opposite sides of the city. i'm pretty sure if you move a chair in one, it moves in the other too

@codl with different possible objectives, all including "touch a plush shark"

@codl IKEA is not disorienting, but built like a self-avoiding path (like corridor FPS). So you visit all the store every time (unless you take shortcuts).

@Feufochmar i know but people keep saying they get lost in ikea, idk. i don't have this problem but i'm trying to play into it anyway

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