when u say "good night" online but it doesnt really mean "i will sleep now" it's more like "i am no longer available for direct interaction but i may continue fucking around online for 0 to many hours"

yall ever run out of talk juice but still got like 15L of posting juice

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right now i got like 6L of berating children for editing wikipedia wrong juice

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i see the wikipedia post was considerably less relatable than the other two

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everyone thought I was talking about IM but I barely ever IM with anyone I was just talking about posting "I sleep" on social media, like I had done half an hour before

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@monorail i was calling myself out but i figured i wasnt the only one

@codl do you do the thing where you try not to boost posts after you say good night and only like them, but then you accidentally like a post by the person who you said good night to

@monorail no but sometimes i keep posts open in a tab so i can like them the next morning

@codl IME it depends on how close one is to the person being bidden goodnight. For nearest and dearest, the interval is generally ε. Others, I bow out of conversations with earlier.

LB: I mostly manage to avoid that, but it doesn't always work.

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