i could kick duke the java mascot's ass any day


programming language mascots and how much i could kick their ass:
duke (java): yes
gopher (go): yeah
gopher (go) (many, concurrently): probably not
the elePHPant (php): no. too large
ferris (rust): probably
d-man (d): no. unstoppable

i cant think of other languages with mascots. stop asking me about llvm it is not a programming language and that dragon would definitely kill me

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as a rule of thumb if it is smaller than 1m tall then i can probably kick its ass and otherwise then it can probably kick my ass

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@curls i can't kick a moon's ass! it doesnt have an ass!!

@cinebox i'm not sure, and i don't know what kind of snakes they are so i wouldn't know if i stood a chance either way

@cinebox oh pff obviously. i don't think i could fight two pythons

@dustin @codl That looks more like an inductive heating coil.

@dustin @codl definitely some kind of constrictor. very menacing, extremely powerful

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