yall ever think about how you can spell BABY on an xbox controller

if you are making a video game you should make it so if you press YABBA on the title screen it plays a high quality rip version of the game's theme

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and by that i mean the flintstones theme. if i wasn't clear

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@codl not for my whole entire life until this very moment

@codl DKC using BARREL as a cheat code was *chef's kiss*

@The_T wait how do you press E on a snes controller

@codl oh god sorry it's BARRAL which is even more galaxy brain

@codl also, DYDDY is another code. (D is Down)

@codl xray baby is a debug code for bebes kids on snes lol

not useful for speedrun practice as you can't skip to the last level rather the stage before

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