why is so much of pyqt's documentation just "TODO"

how does anyone use this

am i supposed to be reading the qt c++ documentation and pretend it's written in python?

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i am just very confused by every thing in qt now

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@codl pretty much? you could also use pyside2 which i think is the Official binding, but that also has very limited docs

@codl i wish i understood qt well enough to be able to learn it if someone paid me to fix the lack of documentation

@codl (Not kidding there btw. That’s what I do when writing pyqt stuff. Still beats other toolkits for me even then)

@halcy how does anyone gui in these conditions

@codl A shocking amount of the Xamarin Docs are just "TODO" as well

It scares me

@codl well, it takes time to write all this stuff up. they've only been around 21 years

@codl it's funny cause like a week or two ago i read something that sums this up really well:

gtk's language bindings are Good, but qt's bindings are just… there

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