unimpressed with pathtracing and the state of the art in video game graphics, ets2 editors scs software have recently announced their intention to adapt a powerful, experimental lighting technique to their game: SSAO

im not joking they released a beta build and one of the main points is

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good on them for continuing to improve their engine i guess, better late than never

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for the uninitiated, SSAO was revolutionary in 2007 when crysis did it and it has been bog-standard ever since

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@codl idk how complex ssao is, but... it's not new... ... ...

@codl is it bad that i see absolutely zero difference between those two screenshots apart from the text saying "disabled" and "enabled"

@avie @codl You too, huh? Like, this is the issue we've had with engines as of late. If anything, the lighting differences have gotten worse since the days of Unreal Engine 2.x. Unreal Engine 3 really caused things to go downhill with all the unnecessary details it added and engines have gotten progressively worse at rendering optimization ever since.

@KitsuneAlicia @codl tbf the main issue with unreal 3 when it came out was it was the same time when everyone was going this bloom slider? it needs to be permanently all the way up,

@KitsuneAlicia @codl best use of unreal 3 is still borderlands 2 imho, that game still looks great

@avie Unless you're playing it on low-end hardware. The texture downscaling in UE3 is absolutely horrible, and games made in that engine look a thousand times worse than games made in UE2.5 on the same computer because UE2.5 can actually run on max detail w/o issues.

@KitsuneAlicia ohhh god yeah no trust me ive had the....pleasure, of experiencing borderlands 2 on low end hardware, both vanilla and after fucking with the ini files to make it less taxing

and whooooof boy howdy its certainly something

@avie We've had to play Unreal Tournament III on a computer below the minimum requirements. We managed to get a playable 30 FPS in most areas, but in no areas were we ever able to see what the floor actually looked like beyond the grayish blob caused by the texture downscaling.

We stuck more to Unreal Tournament 2004 as a result because like we said, we could max out the details without any problems whatsoever.

@avie Also, UT3 nerfed the flak cannon beyond repair, so fuck that shit. I wanna be able to oneshot someone at point-blank or by ricocheting off the walk behind them!

@KitsuneAlicia this is going into talks about stuff i dont have much experience or knowledge of am afraid, haha

@avie Haha. No worries. Let's just say that arena deathmatches are totally our thing. The more crowded and filled with overkill weaponry, the better. XD

@avie it's most visible on the road under the truck, or where the wall meets the roof

imo a lot of games crank their SSAO way too high so i like that this one is subtle

@codl the subtlty of it kinda makes it feel a little pointless though

if im not seeing any discernable difference, why would i even bother with turning it on

@avie it's also not a good example image imo. i think it would have been more evident if they had showed a truck's dashboard with a bunch of doodads on it that would all have cast shadows on the dash

@codl idk. its probably going to be something that wont make the game harder to run well on most systems and will make it Gently Nicer to look at so i guess its a kind of "may as well" graphic option

re: graphics engines 

@avie @codl you are correct! part of the reason we've been so into ssao, screen-space reflections, and fxaa (which is screen-space antialiasing) is that computations are done on a single quad at the end of the render. it's *really* low GPU usage, in a single draw call that you were already making for color grading, Huge Bloom, and motion blur.

@codl this is the main feature of the update, but they did a bunch of other reworks too. Lille has been reorganized (mainly the motorways surrounding it), Truck Dealers now have a unique look based on their brand, and a lot of preparation work to add Spain and Portugal in the upcoming DLC.

@codl also a bunch of adjustments to the new Sound engine.

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