broke: reference the number 42 in your video game
woke: have "no tea" take up an inventory slot in your video game until the character has had a cup of tea

(it's from the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy adventure game)

(and it is a million times funnier than any reference to 42)

i wouldn't recommend that game by the way, it's very confusing and frustrating and "no tea" is the only good thing i remember from it can the slot be filled by a cup of something almost, but not entirely unlike tea oh WAIT i misread your original post and thought it said 'has' instead of 'has had'

that's even better, i love it like i thought you were suggesting an inventory slot that is filled with either 'no tea' or 'a cup of tea', not that the slot frees up after you've gotten to drink a cup of tea, which is infinitely better

@InspectorCaracal honestly i kinda like having a special tea-only slot in the inventory too

but unlocking inventory slots when you drink tea is true to life

@codl My favorite part of that game was that "no tea" was a real inventory item. You could, at any point, obtain tea simply by dropping "no tea".

To this day, I love this idea so much. That you don't need to obtain something, but simply divest yourself of the fact of not having it.

@codl evoked: inventory can contain both tea and no tea if common sense = 0 and enlightenment = 1

@codl bespoke: also include a way to have both "tea" and "no tea" in the inventory
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