why say "an ethernet cable" and only annoy a very small section of computer nerds when you can say "a wifi lead" and annoy all of them at once

@codl "uh yeah i'm looking to like... hook up a wifi card from my laptop here *pulls out a desktop computer* to my 4k monitor *pulls out an ancient portable crt radio-tv* and like, I need something like... I htink it's a midi cable? Yeah a midi cable. You got any of those?" *watches heads explode*

@KitsuneAlicia honest, I spent like five minutes deciding whether lead or wire was funnier

@codl Oh, good. Glad we're on the same page.

They're both pretty funny, tbh. Though lead probably less so for us cuz we're more confused by it than anything.

@chr @codl
To the guy at Best Buy: "Where are your IEEE 1394 cables? I need one for my network."

Best Buy guy: "Uhh... Firewire?"

Us, trying not to laugh: "No, IEEE 1394. It's like a phone, but bigger."

@codl i mean you goof but. surely you could put wifi in a lead. there's no *necessary* reason to have it over the air and not, say, coax

@fennecs hmm! you're right and i don't like it!

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