why is youtube-dl so slow to download twitch vods? is there some rate limiting on twitch's side? i remember that being a thing like years ago but i didn't think it was still a thing

@codl twitch probably has a server-side timer to force users to wait on prepended ads like what it does on live streams

@flussence i don't mean just for starting a download. im only getting like 30 mb/s tops

also i don't think they do! with adblock on it doesn't wait for an ad, it just goes

@codl oh

mpv+ytdl isn't smart enough to skip the 15 second spacer-gif-animated-gradient they preroll on live streams beneath the ads

can't help with 30mbps being slow, my internet is capped at 16

@flussence interesting, i just tried that, never seen that before! must be somewhat new because i've used youtube-dl to record live streams before and never ran into that

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