i started to type a post where i say "ah the genders," and then i list all the characters in the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny but then i realised that i don't really know most of those characters so i dont know how to write their names

@codl omg this joke is so good great job codl tag yourself my gender is pirana plant

@codl i also just realized i misread this post and thought it was ttalking about smash when actually it was talking about something else so pretend i listed a relevant character, or dont, thats probably funny too

@spiders i was 100% ready to accept that piranha plant was in the ultimate showdown and that i had just never noticed

@codl in my mind I will substitute any arbitrary list of things I find most funny

@codl Godzilla, Batman, Shaquille O'Neil, Arron Carter, Abraham Lincoln, Optimus Prime, Indiana Jones, Jackie Chan, at least one Care Bear, chuck norris, Bruce Wayne (though i think that's just batman tbqh, not sure, sus as fuck tho), Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf the White (hold up what's with the recolour??), the Black Knight, benito mussolini, a blue meanie, cowboy curtis, Jambi the genie, Robocop, the Terminator, Captain Kirk, Darth Vader, Lo Pan, Superman, all the power rangers, like every one

@codl Bill S Preston and Theodore Logan, Spock, the Rock, Doctor Octopus, hulk hogan and Mr Rodgers.

@Nine it was the bloodiest gender reveal that the world ever saw

@codl it's possible that one of the Great Filters of civilisations around the universe is gender reveal parties.

lemon demon lyrics, i can do this from memory for some gosh darn reason so i may as well 

gandalf the grey &
gandalf the white &
monty python and the holy grail's black knight &
benito mussolini &
the blue meanie &
cowboy kurtis &
jambi the genie
the terminator
captain kirk &
darth vader
lo pan
every single power ranger
bill s. preston &
theodore logan
the rock
doc oc &
hulk hogan

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